Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Moral of the Story

Tonight is my first night in Boston for my (lonely) 6 week internship at Mass General Hospital. I do have a roommate and sadly it's not Boyd. I've warped back to college with the mismatched plates and shower bulging at the seams with random bath gels. My roommate is young and her parents were here when I arrived, stocking her half of the refrigerator. I remember those days. And I am proud that I now know exactly what to buy to stock my half. I even know how to cook it all without calling mom.

I love this city--I'm living steps away from beautiful Harvard Sqaure in an old brick walk-up and it's 60 degrees outside to boot--but it's just not the same without fancy Sunday night desserts, Simpson's episodes, and goodnight kisses.

I never realized how much time I spend just shooting the breeze with Boyd. I called him today to tell him about the beautiful breeze I felt sitting beneath the spotty shadows of a maple tree in Porter square while eating an ice cream cone but he wasn't there and it made me sad even amidst the beauty of it all.

This is a growing experience. If for nothing else than for me to realize that I am so lucky to have what I've got so that I will be wise enough to never let it go. But since I'm here now, I'm looking on the bright side and I'm going to chalk it up to adventure.