Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feeling the Love in Portland

Boyd and I decided to check out some of the exotic places around Boston this weekend--namely, Portland, ME. They even list their distances on the highway in kilometers, but I learned that no one says kilometers--much too cumbersome. So we drove 179 "clinks" to discover the following:

1. We tapped into our inner victorian side where the Maine natives were celebrating 150 years of antique bliss at "Victorian Mansion." Very original--named for the British queen herself. They were having the cutest festival with balloons, popcorn, a jazz trio, fan-making, birthday cake, lemonade, fortune-telling, and free tours of the house (normally $12.50!). Thanks, Maine, for saving us $25.00:

2. We took a long stroll at the wharf. We were going to join a lobstering tour but it was thundering so the boats were scared. We understood. Instead, I got caught in a net and we felt the love crossing the street:

3. We went to an art gallery and saw the most gorgeous prints that the artist had photographed and then painted in wax. Probably one of those, "you had to be there" effects, but I had to share one of the pictures I sneaked:


a. We went to a master's cha-cha class! It was a little advanced for us but we were able to glean some moves from it. I still had my latin shoes from BYU that I expertly sported.

b. We ate some of the best fish and chips we've ever had. As opposed to last weekend's floppy flounder, this weekend was full of happy haddock. Mmmm...tartar sauce!

c. I found the cutest cooking store and bought a mini gingerbread man cookie cutter which I have been looking for since my Mom make mini men for her Christmas party. Also added to my cookie cutter collection were: a lobster, a flounder, and an oak leaf. Very North East.