Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is why I haven't posted in awhile...

My professor expects me to understand this:

"Metabolism of fructose-2,6-bisphosphate and regulation of the pathway: The formation of fructose-2,6-bisphosphate is catalyzed by phosphofructokinase-2 and its breakdown is catalyzed by fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase. Phosphofructokinase-2 is not an enzyme of the glycolytic pathway. Although phosphofructokinase-2 uses fructose-6-phosphate from the glycolytic pathway, the product of this kinase reaction is strictly a regulator of phosphofructokinase-1 and fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase. The amount of fructose-6-phosphate removed from the glycolytic pathway to produce fructose-2,6-bisphosphate is inconsequential."

I think the part that really strikes me is the part that says, " inconsequential." That I understand.