Sunday, August 3, 2008

From Sea to Shining Mirage

We finally made it to Tucson! It took us approximately 10 days and about that many side trips, but we are finally here and ready to tackle medical school. But school is boring so let's take you on a trip of what we saw and did during our pilgrimage!

Boyd is demonstrating the ridiculously small size of our last apartment. He could almost touch both walls of our studio. We are proud to say that we doubled our square footage with this move and succeeded in adding a washer/dryer in the apt., a dishwasher, and a closet, but we really miss the charm of Cambridge.

We visited the beautiful sacred grove in Palmyra, NY first. We ate (stole) some sacred raspberries along the way. We hope we are still in good standing up above--those were some heavenly raspberries, let me tell you what!

Our next stop was Niagara Falls. Not too much to say here--it was a big waterfall as promised. This is why people honeymoon here, we realized. We did go on the "Maid of the Mist" boat tour and got sufficiently soaked with Niagara water. I think Niagara would be a good bottled water company name. As long as they don't mention the ridiculous number of seagulls that poop in it.

Next, thanks to Hotwire, we stayed in the beautiful Chicago Hilton Hotel for $89 and lived the high life for one night. We wished we could have stayed with Morgan and Jamie, but they had decided it was a good idea to up and go to Africa while we were coming out to visit them. We're not sure if we forgive them yet. But we still love their city. We saw Jersey Boys and ate Chicago's fabulous Berry Chill yogurt for breakfast. Yum.

Next, we passed through many a field of corn and soybeans to sate our appetite to see South Dakota's famed presidents. For all the history-challenged like me they are (L to R): George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Boyd Gunnell. We learned they were constructed to bring some tourism to the plain state of South Dakota. Well, it worked.
Yellowstone National Park was the most amazing part of our trip. Right here I'm standing in front of Old Faithful erupting. Nothing I saw will do it justice--you have to see it for yourself. We think we would prefer honeymooning here rather than Niagara. Here is Boyd with a mudpot:

And with a Buffalo:
Our last stop was meeting Dad, uncle Charlie, Bryce, Adam, Clara, and David at Lake Powell where we worked on teaching Boyd to wake board! We don't have any cool pictures--yet. But rest assured that Dad took too many as usual.

Hold onto your seats because there are more exciting posts to come! I will spare you from gross anatomy and biochemistry, at least, but I can't promise that Boyd will spare you from Mechanical Engineering updates.

If you're in Tucson, come and see us in our new--big--place!