Sunday, July 8, 2012


And it begins...

Residency I mean.

Can I stop the post right there? Naw. That would be too dramatic. It probably doesn't deserve that much drama. Well, the nurses might think so, but I digress.

What are the stats you ask? Since July 1st I've...

-Delivered 4 babies
-Stitched up 2 moms all by myself
-Broken one woman's water
-Been first assist surgeon on 3 c-sections
-Helped one woman get started breastfeeding
-Pumped milk 22 times
-Done about 20 cervical exams
-Managed 8 women in labor
-Been in clinic 8 hours
-Written 4 prescriptions
-Missed bedtime twice
-Woken Edie up 3 times to feed her before I leave
-Unintentionally skipped 4 meals
-Been chewed out by 1 attending in front of the entire nursing staff
-Been reprimanded by 2 senior residents
-Been late 0 times
-Made cookies twice
-Cried 3 times
-Been called "honey," "sugar," and "sweetie" by 3 separate nurses in front of my patients
-Been asked by 2 separate clinic support staff, "how could you leave such a precious baby girl at home and come to work?" when my nanny brought Edie in one afternoon for me to feed her. That may or may not have been one of the times I cried.

And I've also made a pan of brownies. What can I say? I feel deprived missing meals so I clearly deserve extra dessert. Thankfully, while breastfeeding this doesn't seem to matter to my waistline. I do not, however, want to ask my pancreas how it feels about the sugar overload.

I love being on OB because childbirth is truly such a miracle. It is so painful and so awesome all at the same time and it is so incredible to be a part of that in someone else's life. I get to be the first person to hold their baby! I also hate being on OB. There is a lot more sadness and burnout there than a lot of people realize. It's hard. Being an intern is really hard.

I miss Edie. I miss Boyd. Only 155 weeks to go!

Edie eats sweet potatoes. Mmmmm.

Um, guys, I have a question (brightest witch of her age)