Sunday, November 23, 2008

Remember Halloween?

So this is late because I misplaced the USB cord to my camera, but we wanted to show off our costumes anyway. We decided to be citizens of Real America.

Lindsay the hockey mom, complete with hockey stick, generous lipstick, and a badge that says, "My kid can beat up your kid!"

One tag says "Joe's Plumbing", and the other says, "Six-pack."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lindsay's Sunday Six

Well Dad and Michelle started a new blog idea to have a family member write down six things that made them happy in the past week, so I am going to try it for this week. Maybe I'll get Boyd to post for next week. Here goes:

1. Morgan coming to visit. Morgan came on Thursday night and will leave tomorrow morning back to chilly Chicago. But for the weekend I got to hang out with her! She gives the best shopping advice, which has been sorely lacking for me lately. We got to eat at Beyond Bread, and we got to catch up on her fabulous traveling stories.

2. Cinnamon Donuts at Montana Avenue. In Tucson there is this restaurant at Grant and Tanque Verde that makes a cinnamon donut for dessert. This in not your average donut. Not even your hot Krispy Kreme. This is one upscale pastry. Fresh and hot and dusted in a thick coating of cinnamon sugar with a side of creme fraiche and berry compote for dipping. Who knew heaven on earth was only $8?

3. Voting. It took Boyd and I many nights of deliberating to decide to vote for Obama. We liked his health care plan, his strong family presence, his cool-headedness, and his debate skills among other things. However, although we would have been excited for either candidate to win, we were very passionate about the marriage proposition and were excited to stand up for our faith in traditional marriage. We both woke up early on election day like it was Christmas for adults! It was my first time voting in a real booth and I wore the sticker proudly for the rest of the day. Hooray for democracy (or at least a darn good republic)!

4. Scoring an A on my nervous system test. This test was rumored to be the toughest of the year by the oh-so-wise 2nd year med students. I was excited to see my score and know that I wouldn't have to spend my weekend with Morgan guilty for not studying. The catch with this block is that you can repeat the test (albeit a different and slightly more difficult version) on Monday if you don't score what you want on Friday. It's a tricky way to make us never get a break from I was happy that I didn't have to!

5. Attending my first Gala. Boyd's company, AGM, contributes to Tucson Medical Center's children's fund and buys a table at the event gala each year. The CEO of the company chooses employees to attend and asked Boyd if we would like to come to the event at La Paloma. We got all gussied up and made a night of it on Wednesday. We ate salmon and filet mignon with whipped mashed potatoes and haricot verts that were to die for! Everything was so elegant and beautiful. They showed us a film of some of the children who had to answer questions like, "How much does it cost to care for children in a hospital," with the most adorable answers like, "20 dollars probably." They had also hired a comedian who had us on the floor laughing. It was like a weeknight date for us!

6. Visiting the cannery. My food storage is off and running! This was only my second time at the cannery and I am happy to report that we now have refried beans, rice, oats, and sugar in our year supply.