Thursday, February 12, 2009

How many does it take...


How many of the following does it take to get through medical school?

Books: So far, 12 and counting. Oh wait, I just bought another one today that isn't pictured--13. Note: none of these books in the picture are from my undergrad.

Dates (at least 1 per week). That would make 208:

Episodes of LOST: Approximately 45 (and then sadly the season ends)
Anniversaries: 4 (1 down!)
Hours of sleep: Hmmm. It's supposed to be 11,680.
Chocolate chip cookies: too numerous to count

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I challenge you to find something more nerve racking than knowing that tomorrow morning you will have to identify nearly every muscle, artery, nerve, and bone in the human body. And you will also have to know their functions and pathology. Fill in the blank. Spelling counts. On cadavers. In a room that looks like the morgue. Welcome to medical school.

Okay so I thought of a few things. Orally defending your dissertation. Taking the medical school boards. Finding out you're pregnant when you're not expecting it (don't worry, we're not pregnant). Sky diving. So actually maybe there are a lot of things. But hey, if you want your anatomy questions answered, you know who to call.

i.e. today Boyd asked me what the biggest muscle in the human body was: gluteus maximus. And then what the smallest was: the stapedius in the ear. But then we agreed that probably the smallest were the arrector pili muscles in your arm hair. They give you goose bumps. But they aren't usually counted because they are "smooth" muscle (i.e. you can't control them voluntarily). So now you know some trivia.

Also, one of my friends recently won a contest at a trivia night for knowing there are more bones in the hand than in the foot. So now you can win at trivia too. Just by reading our blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Creme de la creme

I feel like I need a solid 12 step program to get me blogging again. It's slightly embarrasing to have such a boring life that "Remember Halloween" is the best thing that's happened to us in the past 4 months. It's not true, so I'm here to redeem us. We had our second anniversary--here we are at Snoqualmie Falls in WA where we celebrated. I had a mushroom bisque for dinner that night that I've been thinking of ever since:

We hung one of our beautiful Christmas presents (thanks Dad and Michelle):

We are planning a dessert party for all of our married friends at the end of February and so I am busy trying out recipes (featured: Creme Brulee). If you live by us and you're married and you're our friend, or you want to be, you're invited! Our only BYU friends close are Blair and Logan so they should be looking for an invitation in the mail in the next few weeks ;) If you want an invitation, put your address in the comments. We always want more friends! Here is my new kitchen tool:

And the product of said tool. Mmmmm:

In other news, I have taken to making my own bread and so far, I have put out 9 loaves (pretty good i'd say). I've learned to incorporate ground flax into it so I feel good about the butter that I also incorporate. I think it's amazing that Boyd and I go through 2 loaves a week. We also go through a lot of cinnamon sugar.

Boyd and I are happy to report that we are still doing our New Year's Resolutions. That may or may not have to do with the fact that there are rewards attached if we do them 90% for two months (we've calculated how many days we can miss). Afterwhich we get rewarded and then choose a new reward for the next 2 months of hard work. I know you're dying to know what we pledged and what the reward is...but we're not that interesting so I need material for our next post. Till next week (hopefully not next month)!