Monday, August 22, 2011

A big apology.

I made a big mistake. I really hurt and offended a friend of mine with my last post.
I inappropriately mentioned someone that I work with and used her name without permission on a public blog. I want to apologize to my friends, family, and readers and know that I did not mean to hurt any of my readers with my candid thoughts.

When I was younger, Pam, one of my many wonderful moms, once corrected me when I used a sterotype about a friend of mine. It was a positive sterotype, so I didn't think it was wrong. But I was saying it out of jealousy that I did not have that trait. She reminded me that talking about others without their consent in a sterotypical way that can invite mean-spirited comments is always wrong, even if what we are saying seems like flattery.

Please know that I never meant to hurt anyone with my writing, nor do I wish any malintent upon anyone--especially those women who are brave and selfless enough to carry a perfect, unborn child. I can be a very passionate person and often over-step my bounds when it comes to speaking my mind. The words tumble out and I don't always mean them the way they are taken. I hope those I have offended will understand and accept my sincere apology.

Please no comments.