Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Christmas Letter -- because, let's be honest, it's awkward to talk about your family so much in a Christmas Card

Here are the current life stats:

1. Boyd -- aka "The Engineer" -- is still 5'11. Still weighs 160 pounds. And still is neurotic about how he loads the dishwasher
2. Lindsay -- aka "The Doctor" -- is still 5'5 (and 3/4, thank you very much), will refrain from posting her weight, and preheats her bed with an electric blanket at night. Much to the chagrin of The Engineer
3. Edie -- aka "The Parakeet" -- is 2'10" and 21 months old. She clocks in at 23 pounds. She will tell you that she is indeed a "gurlo" and not a boy. 

Well, the last year has treated us well. What has happened, you ask? Oh, not much. We still live in the southside hood where the marijuana flows like a swirling, whirling cloud of hallucinogenic storefronts with green crosses. The word "marijuana" is never in sight. These people must not know how to read. You know, back when we lived in Boston, they had a joke about people that didn't know how to read. Ha, yeah. They went to MIT. 

Let's see. Boyd still works at Heatcon designing composite repair equipment. This company is in Tukwila, but they have a Seattle address. Coincidence? Boyd's title is that of electrical AND mechanical engineer, yet I don't recall any degree in electrical engineering. It just gets stranger and stranger I tell you. Boyd has also mastered making breakfast in the mornings for The Parakeet. His rotation even includes such stovetop varieties as scrambled eggs and oatmeal (with toppings!). Very advanced indeed. He has read the following books this year: Zoobiquity, Anti-fragile, Born to Run, Nurture Shock and Dave Berry's Homes and Other Black Holes. Hmmm. It is not looking good for us buying a house with books such as that last one on his reading list. I may need to plan an intervention.

Edie is our resident Mormon Jew. She is currently in daycare at the Jewish Community Center and her favorite part of the week is "Tot Shabbot." I can't even make this stuff up. She will tell anyone who will listen about the deliciousness that is Challah. Somehow, in the past 6 months she has learned the English language. Pretty much in its entirety. I'm not even kidding. It's cute until it gets annoying, which it does get. Her favorite phrases are, "Play hello song on the radio, please," "Edie I wanna blankie," and "I wanna play toys right over der." A master doddler and creator of the 45 minute dinnertime drag, those blonde curls and big blue eyes the face of manipulation. Oh yes. And she isn't even two yet. Watch out world. 

For me, intern year has come and gone. Thank goodness. I have no desire to ever do THAT again. And what, you ask, did I accomplish exactly? Well, thanks to the new residency requirements to log every. little. single. thing that we do, I can tell you. I delivered 66 babies the natural way, assisted on 25 c-sections, performed 3 c-sections as primary surgeon, cut off 5 foreskins, placed 6 IUDs, admitted 100 patients to the hospital, intubated 5 of them, pronounced 12 people dead, ran 3 code blues (last month of intern year only), pumped about 130 bottles, sewed up lots of people (don't have to keep track of that one), worked an average of 70 hours per week, worked 1/2 of all weekend days, worked 4 weeks of nights, finished all three seasons of downton abbey and read the following books: Mistborn, Half the Sky, The Giver series, Where'd you Go Bernadette?, Blindness, Nurture Shock, Runaway, Into Thin Air, and Born to Run. My mom has now officially gotten me addicted to "The Blacklist." This is not good, as I have only exercised a total of about 10 days in the past year. Something had to give, you know?

So, here's to a year with more than 1 blog entry! I promise to be as real and snarky as ever. So a toast: to passing my last board exam this week, being on time to work, and getting Edie to use the potty. Here's to 2nd year. Um, due to technical difficulties, pictures to follow.


Kristi said...

Love your posts! Your life sounds very busy and exciting. You go girl.

clara said...

Wahoo! What a year! Looking forward to pictures :)